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How To Keep Your Teen Safe Behind the Wheel

One of the most anticipated times in a teenager’s life is obtaining his or her driver’s license. This is almost a rite of passage in today’s society and can ensure a teenager’s place in the social elite. It can be difficult for a teenager to obtain a decent car insurance rate.

Before a teenager even schedules a test with an examiner to obtain a license, he or she should enroll in a qualified driver’s training course. This will benefit them in a number of ways. A vehicle is a dangerous machine to operate and can be deadly if not operated properly. A driver’s training course will teach new drivers everything involved with driving. Not only do they give drivers the skills needed to pass the road test and obtain a license, this course actually teaches drivers the correct and safe way to drive. Rules, regulations, and safety practices are presented so that these teens will be comfortable on the road among other drivers. This will help them to obtain car insurance at a better rate.

Enthusiasm and anticipation are common feelings that rush through teenagers as they are about to drive for the first time. Statistics have shown that younger drivers lack experience and are not aware of how to handle certain split second decisions. They tend to speed more and drive carelessly as they try to impress their friends. This can lead to more collisions and injuries and thus lead to higher insurance premiums. By taking a driver’s training course, car insurance rates will be reduced.

Parents should always lead by example. If your child sees that you always obey the speed limit, you don’t break any traffic rules, and adapt safe driving habits, they will be inclined to mimic your actions. There’s no doubt that many teenagers tend to drink before they reach the legal drinking age in their state of residence. Along with this, they often feel invincible and get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Advise your children that they should always call for a ride if ever caught in an unsafe situation. Never endanger the lives of yourself or others. With the evolution of technology, many school age children now carry cell phones as well. It is up to parents to teach them that driving while conversing on a cell phone is very dangerous.

With experience and proper guidance, these teenagers will eventually grow to be responsible adults and will hopefully continue to follow safe driving habits. Cheap car insurance will be the result. It is best to teach them from the beginning rather than trying to correct poor habits at a later date.

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