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How To Find International Car Insurance Rates When Driving Abroad

If you are planning an international vacation in which you will be driving, there are several preparations and formalities that need to be taken into consideration. Driving abroad is a huge responsibility, and international car insurance must be purchased in order to prevent any unwanted problems while traveling. Driving in an unfamiliar country may pose many risks such as different driving habits and laws, road signs in foreign languages, unkempt or dangerous roads, and high risk of vehicle theft. Although the thought of driving abroad may seem intimidating, having proper international car insurance coverage can give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your vacation. If you are staying or moving abroad for an extended period of time, international car insurance is also needed and must be in compliance with all local laws of the country in which you will be staying.

International car insurance is fairly easy to find but will require some time to compare different companies to make sure you are fully protected before departing on trip abroad. For short international vacations, the simplest route to take is to sign up for car insurance directly from your rental car company. If possible, it is recommended to use American rental car companies that operate in the country in which you are traveling. In case of an accident or claim while abroad, the issue can be resolved when you return home, by dealing with a local branch of the car rental company. Make sure to arrange the insurance before you leave on your trip, as the language barrier or confusing contracts in a foreign language may cause you to either be overcharged or left without proper coverage. You can search online for car rental companies that operate in the country where you are traveling to, and purchase international car insurance at the same time you make your booking. Comparing a few different companies will give you a clear idea of how much insurance is going to cost.

For longer stays abroad, you will need international car insurance to cover you during your entire stay. Contact your current insurance company to find out if they offer international car insurance. Adding international insurance to your current policy saves you the time that it takes to process an application and set up a policy with a new company. If your current insurance company does not offer international insurance, you may look online for companies that specialize in international coverage. Request rate quotes from several companies by either filling out their on-line application or calling them directly. In order to prepare yourself for driving abroad, make sure to start your search for international insurance at least several weeks before your departure.

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