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How To Fight A Car Insurance Rate Increase

When your car insurance rates increase, it often feels like you don't have any option other than to pay the new premium. This is especially true if you know why you aren't getting the cheapest car insurance anymore; you may have been involved in an accident or you might have received a traffic citation, in which case you'd be prepared for your premiums to go up. However, it's often possible to fight an increase in your car insurance rates. By knowing how your insurance works and by looking for alternative policies online, you can keep your premiums at an affordable level without sacrificing your coverage or increasing your deductibles.

Your first step when fighting an insurance rate increase should be to go online and find as many quotes as you can. In particular, you'll be looking for car insurance quotes from your insurance provider's competitors that are lower than your new premium; if possible, it's best to find quotes lower than your old premiums. You'll find a range of car insurance quotes online, but it's best to gather a dozen or so and look at the cheapest car insurance policies. Contact your car insurance agent and demand a lower rate. Have the other quotes ready to email or fax to your agent. Competitive quotes are an extremely helpful tool when you're trying to get a low cost car insurance policy, and in many situations, your insurance agent will offer you a new, lower price right away.

Of course, this isn't always the case, and if you're not ready to switch to another car insurance policy you may need to get creative to lower your car insurance rates. Look into discount programs offered through your car insurance company. You may already qualify for many of these programs without knowing it. For instance, if you've installed an anti-theft device in your vehicle, many insurance companies will issue a discount off of the cost of your comprehensive coverage. Find out about your insurer's discounts and try to apply for as many of them as possible. Many drivers will be able to get car insurance rates that were lower than their old rates by taking defensive driving courses or by taking advantage of other discounts immediately after a rate increase.

Your car insurance company should be able to provide you with a clear reason why your rates increased, so don't forget to ask for this information when you're fighting for a lower rate. If they can't provide a good reason, switch insurers. There's no reason to stick with a policy if your premiums are fluctuating unnecessarily.

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