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How To Consistently Compare Car Insurance Rates For Low Prices

Whether you’re looking to change your car insurance because you moved, added a family member, or bought a new car, it’s critical to be comparing them consistently when you compare car insurance rates. If you aren’t comparing apples to apples, you’ll find some very cheap car insurance that isn’t worth buying.

Every state has a minimum amount of required coverage you must carry. That is your liability insurance. It protects others in the event that you cause an accident. Your insurance company will pay to repair the other driver’s vehicle. It will also pay the medical bills of any passengers in the other driver’s vehicle. What percentage of the bills gets paid is dependent on whether or not you add extra liability coverage. The key is, if you add extra when you run the rates for one company, be sure to use the same amount for the next site you compare.

By the same token, the comprehensive or collision coverage you carry is up to you. Unless you have a debt to a bank for a loan, you don’t have to have collision insurance. Collision insurance will repair or replace your vehicle in the event of an accident. While you’re comparing insurance quotes, be sure you enter the same amount of collision coverage at each site.

Another factor that you must keep equal is whether the company offers free services with their policy. Some companies will give free roadside assistance along with their policies, but only if you buy collision insurance with your liability. If you only want liability coverage, then you have to buy roadside assistance. Therefore, be sure to note whether there are any add-on services included in your quote. If so, then adjust the others to match.

Some companies offer accident forgiveness. While this is not sold a la carte, it can be included in some policies automatically. That means those policies have an extra value that must be accounted for when you compare policies and costs. Very cheap car insurance may be very cheap because it is bare bones insurance. Make sure you’re comparing robust insurance plans.

Therefore, whenever you compare car insurance rates or search for a new insurance carrier, you need to keep all the details consistent. Be sure you enter the same amount of liability and collision insurance on every site. That way, you’ll get quotes that make sense. You won’t see a wide range of estimates. Then you can take your time and make a wise decision on where to buy your next policy. It’s really a pretty simple process if you keep all your ducks in a row.

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