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How To Change Your Car Insurance Policy Even After It Has Taken Effect

Getting the best car insurance policy effect takes some careful thought and research, and in order to get a policy that properly protects you and your vehicle, you might need to make changes to your car insurance policy from time to time. Many drivers don't realize that an auto insurance policy can be changed at any time – not just on renewals. In fact, insurance companies often make it easy to change coverage by offering convenient tools on their websites. It's important to know the process for changing a car insurance policy, particularly if you haven't made any changes to your coverage limits in a while and you're considering a policy change or two.

To change your policy, you'll usually have to either call your insurance agent or visit your insurance company's website. Most car insurance websites are set up to allow easy changes to a policy's coverage limits and deductibles. However, the exact process for changing these details varies from one car insurance company to the next. You may have to speak directly to an agent in order to lower your coverage limits, and you'll never be able to lower your coverage limits to less than your state's set minimums for a car insurance policy. Your new car insurance policy terms will typically take effect the next business day or even earlier. You'll have to check with your insurance company to be sure of this, though; some may wait until your next renewal period to apply your policy effect.

Some car insurance companies will charge you for lowering your car insurance coverage limits. These charges take the form of hidden fees that are assessed as if you'd canceled your policy. Before you make any changes, make sure that your car insurance company doesn't have any such hidden fees. If they do, consider switching to another company – it doesn't make sense to pay for minor changes to your policy. However, if you pay for your car insurance policy on a monthly basis, you should realize that you may not get a refund for changes to your car insurance policy. You'll simply pay less from month to month for your new levels of coverage.

If you're trying to change your car insurance policy in order to save money, be sure to ask about discounts and look for ways to negotiate a lower cost. Otherwise, make your police changes as early as possible; you'll get your new coverage started right away and you'll be driving with appropriate insurance for your vehicle with only a few minutes' worth of work.

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