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How The Size Of A Vehicle Impacts Car Insurance Quotes

Does vehicle size make any impact on a person’s chance to get cheap auto insurance? Of course, size matters when it comes to your vehicle and it will directly affect the bottom line of what a person pays for his or her car insurance premiums.

Gas prices keep skyrocketing. It costs more and more to drive a car these days. Because of this, fuel economy is being sought by more and more drivers these days as well. However, there is another benefit from these smaller and more fuel efficient cars; car insurers often offer huge savings based on vehicle size.

There are many sound reasons why insurers like these smaller cars. One of the main reasons is speed. Smaller cars mean smaller engines; when a car is not able to go as fast, possible accidents will likely be reduced in both number and severity. This lowering of speed also has many hidden and unforeseen benefits. With these more economical and less “flashy” and “speedy” vehicles, a person will be less tempted to “race” around town. This decrease in the tendency to speed will directly result in fewer tickets. A decrease in tickets and other moving violations will result in stable insurance premiums. Thus, even if you do not know that it helps you, a smaller-sized vehicle is providing unseen insurance benefits to you.

Smaller cars that highlight economy are often “family” cars. These cars often take pains to put in every single possible safety feature into the small frame of their automobiles. More safety means less people getting hurt. This then translates into lower costs to the insurers that can be passed onto the consumers as cheap auto insurance.

Theft must also be considered when dealing with the bottom line. Quite simply, thieves are more likely to steal larger-sized, more expensive vehicles. Because smaller vehicles lead to lower costs for the insurance company, these costs can also be reflected through price reductions. Not to mention that owners of smaller vehicles can avoid all the headaches of dealing with a stolen vehicle.

It should be plain to see that size really does matter. It can be a major factor keeping your car from being stolen. It can make your car safer to operate, resulting in fewer accidents and tickets being issued. It will result in your car being noticeably more economical to fuel and maintain than a larger vehicle. And, of course, it can have a huge impact on your wallet when you go to get auto insurance. It not only makes sense to consider vehicle size when looking for cheap auto insurance, but it is also an all-around, wise decision to own a smaller-sized vehicle.

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