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How Right Hand Drive Vehicles Can Affect The Cost Of Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance quotes can vary in price due to a number of factors. These can include the year, make and model of car as well as the type of driver that is applying for the quote. Drivers with years of experience and low accident rates will see lower car insurance quotes than those with multiple tickets or a history of crashing into other vehicles. But while the driver's record tends to matter more than the type of car that is being driven, there are a number of ways that a vehicle itself can affect insurance quotes. Insuring right hand drive cars, for example, can often be more costly than insuring standard left hand drive vehicles for a number of reasons.

First, right hand drive cars are imports. Car manufacturers in the United States do not regularly create right hand drive cars as they are not used on a regular basis. Since the cars are imports, they will require extra inspections to be legal on the road and more expensive parts to repair should they be damaged in a crash. Coming from the perspective of fixing the car after it is broken, insurance companies will often look at the bottom line and as a result insuring right hand drive cars will come at a greater cost to drivers than if they were to choose a similar, left hand drive vehicle.

In addition, insurance companies will often consider right hand drive vehicles to be more dangerous. This is because they are meant to be used on the other side of the road; while they can just as easily be driven on the left, there will always be questions after an accident about whether or not the driver of a right hand drive vehicle was crossing the center lane or making an illegal turn. In order to mitigate their own risk, many providers will offer car insurance quotes that are much higher for right hand drive vehicles than their standard counterparts, both to limit the amount they payout compared to the premiums they are being paid and to mitigate any issues that may arise surrounding the circumstances of the accident.

While right hand drive cars differ only in one major area of form, rather than entirely by function, companies will rarely offer competitive rates on insurance for these vehicles. Drivers should take the time to shop around in order to find companies that are able to offer a reasonable rate for driving one of these vehicles on the street. While they may be sitting in a different seat, their insurance needs are no different and with luck an affordable quote can be found.

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