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How Removing Drivers Can Alter Your Car Insurance Rates

If you are looking for cheap car insurance, you may consider getting online car insurance quotes from companies listed on the internet. They can provide you with more than one quote based upon the information that you provide on their forms. In many cases people will decide that they will remove people from their insurance policy. This can affect your insurance rates positively or negatively depending on the age of the driver, and their driving habits.

The majority of cheap car insurance is based completely on the driving history of the person and any additional drivers insured on the policy. Those that have poor records can expect to pay higher premiums for the same value of service that someone else that does not have a history of car accidents, speeding tickets, or non-moving violations. If someone is listed on your policy with excessive incidents then your insurance cost will be high. Removing them from your policy should lower your rates and cost to provide protection for your vehicle.

An exempt driver is one in which you state that a particular person will not use your vehicle although they live at the same residence. One is required to fill out the form and include their driver license number, with their date of birth to the insurance company. If the exempted driver is in your car while incurring an accident this can raise your rates or even cause loss of coverage.

If you are the driver that has a poor record, then removing someone else from your insurance will make your rates increase. The other driver is considered safe and helps to balance out the risk to the insurance provider. You may be able to lower your costs by taking a driving course which will offer a discount upon completion. The only other way is to stop speeding and what may be considered reckless driving by insurance companies. It takes at least three years before a driving event will not be used towards the cost of insurance coverage.

Online car insurance quotes are easy to obtain for someone that does not have any negative blemishes on their driving record. If you have insurance with someone that has numerous incidents they may be the reason why your premiums are high. If you decide to remove them from your insurance policy you should expect lower rates for yourself. You may be required to complete and submit forms to state that the person will be an exempt driver so that they will have the file on hand. Should this person end up damaging your vehicle the insurance provider may use this to deny coverage and withhold payment of a claim.

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