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How Physical Disabilities Affect Online Car Insurance Quotes

Car insurance quotes often seem structured to favor those who fit into the narrow mold of what an insurance company defines as "normal." Those that fall outside of it for whatever reason – be it physical or mental disability, or simply because of driving history — will face far higher car insurance quotes online and in person at a brokerage because they represent a greater amount of risk to an insurer. This is especially true in the case of those with physical disabilities. Depending on the nature of the physical disability, an insurance company may offer a reasonable quote, a ridiculously expensive one, or none at all. Different types of disabilities will affect rates in different ways.

It is important to understand that in some states, refusing to provide coverage simply based on an existing physical disability is illegal. In California, a disability cannot be the only reason that a quote is not issued to consumer. While this type of legislation is becoming more common, not every state subscribes to this model, and in some states insurance companies have the ability to discriminate against consumers based on any number of physical or mental characteristics. It is best to check with your state's insurance board or commission to determine what exactly the ruling in the state is for insurance providers. Even with legislation in place, some providers will still try to avoid issuing quotes to those who are disabled, so it pays to know the law.

For those who are physically impaired due to an injury or paralysis of their limbs, especially their legs, a higher quote can be expected. While technology allows for the inclusion of hand acceleration and braking controls, insurance companies see these devices as statistically more likely to fail or under-perform, leading to a greater number of accidents. For drivers who are blind, quotes will also be more expensive. The law in many states is structured to allow blind consumers to purchase insurance for a vehicle which is then driven by someone else. In many cases, insurance companies cannot refuse coverage but can reject any claim if it was the blind policyholder themselves who was driving the vehicle. Other physical impairments such as hearing loss or partial vision loss will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. While online insurance quote forms may ask basic questions about disabilities, it will take a conversation with a broker in order prepare an accurate quote – the basic prices listed online will not apply to those who are disabled.

While insurance may cost more for those with physical disabilities, finding a great quote, even online, can be done with a little research and knowledge about insurance law.

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