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How Passengers Are Protected By The Drivers Car Insurance

Car insurance laws and regulations are generally put in place to protect the individuals who are not at fault for an accident occurring. These individuals could be the drivers of other vehicles who are involved in the accident or they could be passengers in the vehicles that are involved. If someone is a passenger in a vehicle that is involved in a car accident they have certain passenger protection rules that are in place. So what is the general rule for how passengers are protected by the driver's car insurance?

In our first scenario we will assume that you are a passenger in a vehicle that is in an accident and the vehicle you are in is not at fault. In this case you and the injuries that you sustain should be covered and paid for by the responsible party's car insurance. This passenger protection is in place so that the responsible party will have a consequence for having disobeyed the laws of negligence put forth in our society. You will file a claim with their insurance company and try to get all medical bills paid for.

Let's say in this scenario that the car that was responsible for the accident is not insured, but the car you are riding in is insured, but not at fault. In this case you would file a claim with the car insurance policy for the vehicle that you were in. Even though it is not their fault that the accident occurred, they are responsible for your well being and their insurance company should pay for your recovery. Once they do so they will likely take legal action against the responsible, uninsured party.

Now let's say that the vehicle you are in is not insured and the other party is not insured and this is where either your car insurance or health insurance should step in. Either of the insurance policies that steps forward for you will pay for the injuries you sustained and then take legal action against the other parties that were involved. This happens regularly as many people choose to disobey state laws about minimum liability limits required on cars.

Car insurance does have special passenger protection common laws in place to make sure that all passengers are cared for after car accidents. It is important to remember that these laws are in place to make sure that the right people are held responsible for irresponsible acts and you must protect yourself. Adding medical coverage to your car insurance policy will help protect you in the event that all other vehicles are uninsured in the accident in which you are a passenger.

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