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How Passenger Airbags Affect Car Insurance Rates

Driver's side airbags and passenger airbags are passive restraints which are required on all cars and light trucks manufactured after 1999. Drivers with late model cars can benefit from reduced car insurance rates and medical coverage discounts by notifying the policy provider about all safety devices. Drivers with earlier models that only have driver's side airbags can apply for partial discounts on personal injury protection (PIP) and medical benefits.

During the 1990s, passive restraints and passenger airbags became increasingly prevalent in new vehicles. Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a non-for-profit industry group, estimate airbags have thousands of lives since the 1980s. When combined with three-point safety belts, the chance of surviving a moderate to high speed crash is greatly increased. Discounts for passenger airbags and passive safety restraints are based on government data proving the head-protecting benefits of front airbags and side curtain airbags that are stored in the roof.

Cars with basic airbags on the driver's side only can qualify for minimal airbag discounts as well as discounts for automatic seatbelts, daytime running lights, and other integrated safety features. Cars with passenger airbags and side-impact restraint systems can often double their airbag discounts, which typically apply to the personal injury portion of your policy. Those insuring vehicles with all-passenger airbags can maximize the available safety discounts on personal injury protection and annual premiums by stacking discounts for other safety features or a clean driving record. Applying for discounts on passenger airbags is a great way for drivers of any age to control car insurance rates and personal injury premiums while maintaining the same level of coverage.

Discounts on PIP coverage for driver's side airbags average 20 to 25% while passenger airbags can reduce PIP premiums by as much as 40%. These discounts may also apply to premiums for medical benefits. Whether you are insuring a sports car, an SUV, a family car, or a truck, discounts for passenger airbags can significantly reduce car insurance rates and expenses for medical coverage.

Approximately 30% of vehicles on the road have driver's side airbags and more than 27 million vehicles have passenger airbags. If you are insuring a vehicle that has any type of airbag or passive restraint system, it's important to mention these features to your car insurance provider to take advantage of available discounts. Passenger airbags and driver's side airbags are important safety features that save lives and reduce car insurance rates. Whether you're shopping for a car with airbags or you already own a vehicle with advanced safety features, these extras can add up to significant savings.

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