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How Overstocked Vehicles Qualify For Car Insurance Discounts

Purchasing a new car can entail more costs to be aware of for the consumer than just the down payment to drive a new auto off the lot. Insurance costs are the other main consideration when deciding if such expenditures will end up being affordable. Fortunately, overstocked vehicles can offer incentives in areas of both car price and insurance as deals can be made to get car insurance discounts as allowed by the attractive features with which such models often come equipped. The key to getting the best deal is finding out what models a dealer holds in surplus, what features those cars have and then what additional features can be added into the deal. Most of the time an excess in stock is not due to a negative drawback and instead can provide a very positive opportunity for the buyer.

The reason a particular make may become overstocked is usually due to soaring popularity during a fad that tapers off before stock is depleted or a dealership over-ordering to compensate for a perceived demand that never follows through. Even if it is a minor malfunction in the non-critical systems of a model, dealers are left with excess stock that they cannot afford to store and need to unload. Due to this they will offer special incentives in the form of discounts and extra features to make the buy attractive.

Extra features can include safety upgrades and alarm functions that insurance companies like to see. A dealership will be willing to include those given it is a better deal for them to sell the car, albeit at a slightly reduced profit margin, than to be forced to continue to store it. Understanding this and pressing for what additional options can be included that may up the safety rating of a particular model can directly affect resulting insurance premiums. On top of those extras, overstocked vehicles are typically very common cars and thus it is easy to find insurance for them providing room to negotiate between providers.

Safety is important to both the buyer and the insurance company, thus it is a highly promoted feature for many models that are produced in bulk and those particular cars will tend to be the ones in overstock. These cars have a reduced risk factor to insure against for a company to weigh in when writing up premiums. Discussing the safety features included in a car can be one of the best ways to get car insurance discounts on a new policy. Overstocked vehicles give a potential buyer the leverage needed to work in those features so they can obtain the best insurance rate available.

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