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How Oversized Tires On Vehicles Can Affect Car Insurance Quotes

Every aspect of a car seems to affect the rate on a driver's free car insurance quote, including the vehicle's tires. Safer vehicles get lower car insurance quotes; so many drivers wonder whether tire modifications that could be potentially dangerous will cause rates to increase. Oversized tires are often seen as an unnecessary risk, they're still a popular car modification. Drivers often wonder whether oversized tires will affect their car insurance costs in one way or another, and what can be done to avoid these costs.

The good news is that oversized tires' effect on vehicles is a matter of debate, and most insurance companies don't charge more for vehicles with oversized tires. Statistically, there's nothing to back up the claims that oversized tires affect the chances of an accident, at least not in a significant way. Car insurance companies look at hundreds of factors when deciding a driver's rates, and the fact that they don't consider oversized tires to be of concern is comforting. However, you should make sure that your tires are properly chosen and configured for your vehicle. If they're improperly installed or calibrated, tires could cause an accident, and insurance companies may refuse to pay out on a claim if they can prove that a vehicle's poor tire installation was the cause of an accident. A claims adjuster may try to make this case, particularly if you were speeding at the time of the accident.

If you decide to install oversized tires on your vehicle, make sure to call your insurance agent ahead of time. Ask for advice, and find a good mechanic to install the tires. Make sure that they're properly calibrated. Remember, poorly calibrated tires can make your speedometer and odometer inaccurate, which can cause huge problems down the line if you end up getting a traffic citation or if you try to sell a vehicle with an inaccurate odometer reading. Check both the speedometer and odometer after the tires are installed. Don't take any chances; remember that wheel problems can lead to dangerous accidents.

While oversized tires won't affect your car insurance rates directly, other characteristics of your tires might have some effect. For instance, many drivers decide to buy winterized tires for harsh driving conditions, and a standard set of tires (or oversized tires, of course) for moderate conditions. Just be sure to keep your tires properly calibrated, and drive as carefully as possible. You may be concerned about the effect of your tires when looking for a free car insurance quote, but a single traffic citation or accident will have a much more significant effect.

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