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How Online Car Insurance Companies Make The Claims Process Easier

Many online car insurance companies are trying to automate their claims processing cycle. Most customers find simple things like getting the status of claims or receiving settlement checks takes longer than expected, resulting in a lot of frustration. Here are some ways how the insurance companies online make car insurance claim processing easy and seamless.

The first stage of any claims process begins with communication from the customer's end. Hence, many insurance companies have started making it easier for customers to report claims issues via e-mail, through online forms or via telephone. There are also various applications many insurance websites use to make it easy for customers to report claims online. Thus, automation happens both ways–for the customer who is insured as well as the staff that processes these claims. Many online car insurance companies have highly sophisticated, automated platforms that enable appropriate routing of claims reports to the designated departments in the organization.

With almost every transaction being automated online these days, a car insurance claim is routed automatically to the designated claims processing center as soon as the customer provides the policy number. Whether the customer provided the number through an online form, phone or e-mail, the policy information, along with associated coverage details, are routed to the claims department and a particular adjuster is assigned to that claim. This adjuster gets assigned to the case based on skills, territory, availability and workload. In case this is an existing claim, the insured customer is automatically routed to the adjuster who has been previously assigned to their case. This routing happens based on the particular number the customer has called from or depending on the information provided. Once routed to the assigned adjuster, all the necessary claim information and claim status is available to the adjuster to ensure a speedy, accurate response to the customer.

The key to ensuring faster processing of any online car insurance claim lies in automation. Most of the well-established insurance providers already have automated workflows and response systems in place to ensure speedy processing times. With automation and instant availability of information, adjusters get to access customer claim information faster, thereby ensuring quick responses as well. This, in turn, does not necessitate any follow-up action from the customer's part, resulting in a higher customer satisfaction score. All content that has been requested via claims processing is stored in a centralized manner electronically. Hence, in an automated car insurance claim processing system, all information such as phone statements, witness accounts, police reports and photos are stored centrally. With streamlining of the entire processing cycle, online insurance companies are able to make claim reporting and response times faster than ever before.

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