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How Moving Violations Can Affect Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance coverage will be affected by a number of different things that have to do with both your driving history and your personal history. Your driving history will be compiled by showing a list of car accidents you are known to have been a part of and violations that you have committed. Parking violations are not a part of the calculation of car insurance rates, but moving violations do have a major impact on the amount of car insurance you will have to pay from month to month.

The difference between something like a parking violation and a "moving violation" would seem obvious to most people. A moving violation occurs while your car is in motion and you are a danger to the other motorists who are on the road with you. Moving violations are considered more impactful and expensive in an attempt to deter people from driving recklessly and causing harm to the other drivers on the road.

Many people don't understand the connection between charging more for insurance based on an individual being given several "moving violations" by the law. The idea is quite simple as car insurance coverage is generally based on the calculated risk that you pose when you are on the road. If you never break the law, or at least don't get caught, the insurance company you use doesn't have any reason to believe you are a threat to other drivers. If you are not a threat then you will likely not cause a car accident.

If you are the cause of a car accident your car insurance coverage is open to having to pay thousands of dollars in payments to other parties. This is why your liability coverage costs so much more than any other type of coverage you can get on your vehicle. So every time you are assessed a moving violation it increases the risk that you will cause an accident and then be responsible for damages to another party, or worse, injuries to another person or persons. Insurance companies are about risk and you become too risky when you have multiple moving violations.

What has to be understood about car insurance coverage is that there is no perfect system to determine who good and bad drivers are on the road. The imperfect system that is used relies heavily on the law enforcement officers on the road giving proper moving violations to identify the risky drivers on the road. The better you drive the less you will have to pay for car insurance coverage. Keep this in mind every time you sit behind the wheel of a car.

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