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How Minor Traffic Violations Complicate Online Car Insurance Quotes

Obtaining an online car insurance quote is fairly simple, but there can be variations in results due to an individual’s driving history. When searching for online car insurance quotes keep in mind that a minor traffic violation on your driving record may affect your results. There are several reasons this could be an issue. Moving violations and traffic accidents are the things that will determine the price quote. Parking tickets and non moving violations do not generally play a part in the quote given so try not to worry too much about them.

One minor traffic violation that can hinder your quote is a speeding ticket. This happens to put a red flag up to any auto insurance company. It will lead them to believe that you are an unsafe driver and that you may be a liability to the company. Try to avoid speeding tickets to keep your online car insurance quotes low. Most car insurance companies may raise the price or even consider not giving an auto insurance policy if there are too many traffic violations on one’s driving record.

Another traffic violation that can wreak havoc for online car insurance quotes is being cited for talking on the phone while driving. Insurance companies take this very seriously. It has been proven that talking on the phone while driving is extremely distracting and a major cause of many auto accidents. Texting or looking at mobile emails when driving clearly falls into this category and at times can actually be more of a hazard than simply talking on the phone. Insurance companies do not like to pay for auto accidents. So, in order to keep insurance quotes low try to minimize simple traffic violations like these.

Any moving violation on a driving record may complicate online car insurance quotes. Making illegal U turns, speeding up to make the yellow light, turning without signaling or driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics are just a few other violations that can complicate things. All of the violations mentioned can lead to auto accidents from the smallest fender bender to multi-car serious, life threatening wrecks. All these accidents will have to be paid for by the insurance company if their policy holder is involved or at fault.

It makes sense that by minimizing minor traffic violations, accidents will decrease thereby keeping the insurance company’s money in their pockets and in turn reducing the price they quote. Following these simple reminders could lead to a much more pleasant experience dealing with auto insurance and significantly reduce the complications of online car insurance quotes.

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