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How Many Car Insurance Agents Are There In The U.S.

There are 217,000 car insurance agents in the U.S. You can generally find rosters that you can download off the Internet in order to easily access qualified insurance agents as well as their contact information. A lot of companies use these lists as marketing tools for potential business growth. However, what makes insurance companies thrive or fail in the business world? State Farm is currently the largest car insurance company in America, with GEICO and Progressive right behind them. So, does having more agents help or heed an insurance company's growth. When a larger number of agents work for a company, the leads are spread thin, and maintaining leads is crucial to any agent's success. Since agents work primarily on commission, the industry tends to have a high turn over rate. However, with a larger company, you get the bonus of having a bigger pool of money to pull from to pay off claims. And, on top of that more locations available to help resolve claims more quickly.

Conversely, independent companies may be a safer bet because they can give more time and attention to each individual policy holder. They typically take pride in giving excellent customer service. Additionally, smaller companies can take time to make sure that all customers attain the most suitable car insurance policies for their personal situations.

So what determines success? There is one primary factor to consider: technological advancements. The Internet has single-handedly changed the rapport between agents and potential clients. It actually gives more direct business to car insurance companies because the customer can go on the site, look at a quote, and make a decision instantaneously. Further, when contacting a company via its website, you can email questions and concerns twenty-four hours a day.

While the web provides convenience, call centers are certainly important. Insurance companies and agents leverage the positive effects of customer service staff to effectively serve their clients as well. Building relationships with new customers and catering to them with the highest quality of service can mean the difference in solidifying new clients. Car insurance agents are available to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of potential consumers. With the economy in a state of turbulence, it's imperative that car insurance agents do their part to secure new business.

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