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How First Party Benefits Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes

In addition to collision and liability insurance, First Party Benefits are additional coverage you can purchase for your peace of mind. Also known as a Personal Injury Policy (PIP), First Party Benefits are intended to give protection to you and your family by providing coverage for medical expenses incurred during an automobile accident. First Party Benefits cover all drivers and relatives residing in the home of the policy holder. The only state requiring drivers to carry First Party Benefits is Pennsylvania. Whether you're buying from a local agent or getting an online car insurance quote, it's easy to add First Party Benefits to your policy. First Party Benefits are most beneficial for drivers in states having no-fault insurance laws in place, where the driver is responsible for the medical expenses of the passengers. If you have First Party Benefits, regardless of who might be at fault, you and your passengers are covered.

First Party Benefits are not exempt from a deductible. Once you've covered that, your policy is rich with benefits. If emergency transportation to a hospital by ambulance is needed, it's covered. Any attendant care, like nurses or anesthesia, is included with First Party Benefits. Surgery and in-patient care are also covered should you or your passengers require hospitalization.

Post-surgery care like physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and even optometric services are usually included in a First Party Benefits package. These services and therapies will help you recuperate more quickly, as you strengthen atrophied muscles and renew your coordination.

If you suffered a horrible, traumatic injury, you may need psychological counseling. Most health insurance policies will have an exclusion limiting the number of visits you can make to a psychologist in a year. First Party Benefits coverage supplements your health insurance where you need it.

As with any insurance coverage, First Party Benefits have limits which you'll set when you buy it. Naturally, the limits and costs vary from state to state. You can purchase insurance in a higher amount than is standard by just asking for more coverage. You can also combine your First Party Benefits with other traditional riders like loss of income, funeral costs, extraordinary medical, and accidental death/dismemberment coverage. These polices are meant to alleviate the extra expenses from an accident resulting in death, disability, or loss of one or more limbs.

Adding First Party Benefits will increase your yearly insurance premium, but your coverage will be drastically improved. You won't have to worry about under-insured or uninsured motorists. You won't have to wonder what might happen in case of a catastrophic accident. Make sure you look for these add-ons when you look online for car insurance quotes.

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