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How Crash Test Results Differ for Two-Door and Four-Door Cars

Think the number of doors on your vehicle is just a convenience issue? Think again. According to a recent study undertaken by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, safety ratings may be different for two and four door models of the same vehicle. And because safety is an important part of determining car insurance rates, choosing a sedan versus a coupe might mean choosing between a higher and lower insurance rate.

Because the study that unveiled the door differences was commissioned by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety–which is funded by insurance companies–it is more than probable that results could start to affect your insurance rates relatively soon. Unfortunately, the study concluded that results were not definitive; Ford’s coupe model beat out its similarly styled sedan, while Volvo’s sedan got better ratings than its coupe counterpart.

So how do you know which model to buy in order to pay the lowest car insurance possible? That’s easy–do research! Car insurance rates are based on a variety of factors including the safety of the model to the safety of you as a driver. People that pay lower car insurance rates are those who have few blemishes on their driving records and who pilot cars that aren’t usually driven by those with a need for speed. Theft also fits into the calculation, so those driving highly desirable vehicles might have less than desirable car insurance rates. A newer model Porsche or Mustang is going to be expensive to insure whether it has two doors or six.

The door difference is important to you as a car insurance customer when you’re considering whether to buy a new coupe or a sedan of the same model. It means that you can’t take the crash test results of the coupe and automatically apply them to the sedan and vice versa. Instead, it’s important to carefully read the crash test results of both vehicles before you make a choice. Generally, the one with the better safety rating will be the one that gets you lower insurance rates.

Of course, you have to remember that more than the kind of car you drive goes into figuring your car insurance rate. Different car insurance companies, regions, and discounts are also important variables in rate calculation. Unless you and the person across the street have lived identical lives, it’s probable that you won’t have identical insurance rates. However, knowing how the kind of car you buy can affect your insurance is the best way to save a little money when it comes to car insurance.

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