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How Car Insurance Companies Determine Fault In An Accident

When an accident takes place, determining fault becomes a crucial step. Depending upon who's responsible for the accident, insurance company offers relevant compensation to the policy holder. Determining fault is never easy. Different states follow different regulations to determine car accident fault. Insurance companies usually follow a certain procedure to determine fault during an accident. Car insurance policy holders have to undergo a waiting period, until insurance companies do their investigation.

Insurance companies use the services of claim adjusters to determine the percentage of fault for each party, based on the circumstances surrounding the accident. The policy holder and the claim adjuster will have to negotiate and come to a resolution to determine the car accident fault. More than often, claim adjuster rule their judgment based on who received the ticket. It helps them determine who's at fault for the accident. If the negotiation does not deliver positive outcome, the court of law will have to intervene to take the next course of action.

There are many other factors that are taken into consideration while determining fault to gauge the compensation on a car insurance policy. Insurance providers may take into consideration the weather condition, location and the mechanical condition of the car. If you lose control of your car and bang it, you will be considered at fault. If both the vehicles involved in the accident were found to be in the same motion, insurance companies may consider both the drivers at fault. Once the car accident fault is determined, the insurance company applies the percentage of car insurance policy claim.

When personal injuries take place during a car accident, insurance providers will have to strictly follow the Torts laws to determine personal injury claim. Torts are wrong things done by a person due to negligence that results into an accident. Lots of personal injury claims end up in lawsuit, when the insurance company and the party are unable to come up with any resolution. The state laws regulate the Torts responsibilities. If the injured person is held responsible for the accident, the person will not receive any compensation. However, some states have passed laws that offer compensation to the injured person as well, despite being at fault.

Safe driving is the key to avoid unwanted fatalities such as a brutal car accident. Individuals are usually advocated to take driving classes to hone their driving skills, and thereby reduce the chances of accidents. In fact, insurance providers also offer discounts to individuals who attend driving classes. However, in some cases, accidents are unavoidable. A policy holder should take all the necessary actions as soon as possible without procrastinating things in order to receive fair compensation.

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