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How Age Affects Your Car Insurance Quote

Car insurance is a must in most states but it can also be an expensive endeavor. If you talk to family and friends you will see that everyone pays something different. While there are a lot of factors that go into the amount someone pays for insurance, one of the biggest factors is age. In most states, a person can obtain their drivers license at the age of 16. This is also the age where car insurance rates are the highest. The reason for this is that most drivers are at an age that is not always consistent in making responsible decisions. A 16 year old driver is more likely to be influenced by their friends or to be absent minded about the speed they are going, and in today's day and age, more likely to be using their cell phones.

Even when receiving a car insurance quote for someone who has been driving for a few years, you may still find that the quote is high. This is because the high rates will continue until into your mid-twenties. The reason for the sustained rates is that in your early twenties you are given the freedom to consume alcohol. While there are many drivers who are very responsible about not drinking and driving it is still a risk in your age class than in any other.

Rates for car insurance dip for most drivers after the age of 25. The discount is completely dependent on the type of driver you are. A driver with a bad driving record may not find that their insurance rates have not gone down that much. The reason drivers may see a discount at 25 is because there are life factors that have often occurred to create that discount. Drivers have probably finished college and entered the work force full-time. They are more than likely living on their own. Some of them are either married or in long term, committed relationships. And there are some that have children. All these factors can make a driver more responsible which is what insurance companies are looking for.

As the years go on drivers continue to see discounted rates. In the mind of a car insurance company, a driver continues to gain maturity and usually in responsibility as the years go on. A lot of the foolish acts of young drivers are often not the same actions as older drivers, a fact which is reflected when they receive a car insurance quote. While there is no substitute for good driving and a clean driving record, age and maturity will always play a factor in how insurance companies decide to charge drivers.

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