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Green Car Insurance

The news coming in from the ecological field is not good these days: as global warming slowly turns from fiction into fact, researchers show dire pictures of Arctic ice caps diminishing by area, and non-profits show us pictures of polar bears stranded on blocks of moving ice, struggling to adapt to a changing environment. What does this mean for the auto insurance field? Besides a national movement to limit driving miles for the reduction of greenhouse gases, there’s another way the auto insurance industry is changing to support a better position on ecology.

Paperless car insurance is available to anyone with a home internet connection, and these days, that’s a lot of people. National providers like Comcast and Verizon are bringing cable or Fios internet to thousands of homes daily, and auto insurance companies, among others, are looking to that sea change to provide a way to lessen in-house costs while protecting the environment.

Paperless or “green” auto insurance online handling saves on mailings – but it also saves all of the time spent in a facility opening those envelopes with customer checks carefully stuffed inside, deciphering account numbers scrawled in the margins, and generally dealing with a lot of paper bits. A computer can provide error-free administration at a tenth of the cost and many times less effort with a comprehensive and streamlined auto-bill pay system. Auto insurance customers looking for cheap car insurance options can reasonably expect these savings to be passed on to them over time, provided the companies don’t have to use the money to plant trees!

Paperless Car Insurance: How It Works

The premise behind green auto insurance online is simple: a customer uploads the correct information and opts for bills to come through a personal email account. The costs of providing bills online is low: computerized records built through a database are not individually crafted, but conveniently presented in bulk with the same tools and structures. Likewise, the customer on their end doesn’t struggle with paper checks and filling out forms, the online details stay stored in the system, and with a few simple clicks, the customer is on his/her way to efficient payment!

Large national companies are quickly hopping on board for this ‘green revolution’ and providing streamlines paperless auto insurance online systems for all of their customers, including the cheapskates, and in addition, there’s another way for thrifty clients to cut down on paper and fees. Knowing the tips and tricks for avoiding high per-month payments is as easy as taking a long term approach toward your policy payments.

Long Term Auto Insurance Policy Options

Think about all of the resources it takes to pay a bill every month. Now think about changing that every month to six months. Or a year. That’s what long term cheap car insurance means – you pay up front for a number of months, and the company slashes your rate. Customers can get up to 33% price reductions just by paying for more months at a time. This also saves paper if you’re on a paperless system, and it puts a lot more of your money back in your pocket.

Sure, it might look like a lot up front, but you’re not paying more – you’re actually paying less! That’s the whole idea, and by looking at costs from a future perspective, you can see that over time, the auto insurance company gets less of what you need: your money!

So, if you’re on the hunt for cheap car insurance options, take a look at paperless and long term solutions via We make auto insurance quotes payment quicker, more ecological, and a whole lot cheaper. You'll spend more time driving and less time paying for it!

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