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What Happens To An In Full Car Insurance Payment When You Cancel Your Policy

Switching your auto car insurance can be a hassle, particularly when trying to pick a date to start new coverage and ensuring that your coverage doesn't lapse while you're on the road. If you've found low car insurance premiums, though, nothing should stop you from switching companies. Still, it's helpful to know your rights, and it's common sense to know what to expect. This is particularly the case if you've been paying for your car insurance policy with in-full payments; you might wonder what happens to the rest of your payment if, say, you switch over to a new policy halfway through your current policy.

The good news is that you're entitled to get money back for the unused portion of your car insurance. The bad news is that it might take a while; while insurance providers are legally required to pay you, they often process checks over a course of several months. This means that you need to do a bit of planning to stay safe. When you look at a car insurance quote online, be sure to think about the time it might take to get a refund on your current policy before buying. Talk to your car insurance agent, and know when you can expect a check. This will make budgeting much easier, and you could save yourself a lot of frustration and stress down the line.

You should also keep in touch with your new auto car insurance company, as they can often help you out. Some auto insurance providers will even put off your first in-full payment in order to get you to sign a policy. Remember that you're entitled to your refund, though; if your old insurer tries to use your policy payment as leverage to keep your policy with them, you can report them to your state insurance commission. Often, even threatening a report will help to hurry the process along.

Most consumers don't have any issues when they switch insurance companies, but knowing a bit about the process can be helpful in getting an affordable car insurance quote. You should also know when your current policy will end and when the new one will begin, and before you make any insurance switch, make sure that you're picking a good new policy. Look at coverage levels, and consider every affordable car insurance policy that you can find. Take the time to make sure you want to switch, and then begin planning when to switch. This will help you stay protected, and you'll be able to plan around the refund for your in-full car insurance payment much more easily as you switch to the new low car insurance policy.

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