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Fugliest Bumper Stickers

At first we were going to title this entry “Ugliest Bumper Stickers,” but I find that all bumper stickers are ugly, so that was sort of superfluous. In the end, I decided to do “fugliest,” and in this context, “fugly” is a combination of “funny” and “ugly.” Hopefully our collection will help you crack a smile or let out a snort on this lovely Monday!

LOL. You’re a nobody, you loser! Oh, wait. I get it. Plus you own a Porsche, ugh. I think it’d be awesome if someone took off the top half of the sticker. 🙂

PHOTO: Derek McNaughton/Handout, Postmedia News/

This one is for our managing editor who eats chocolate by the pound (or kilogram, since she’s from Europe). And, sometimes, I agree with Mr. Bumper Sticker that this is our planet’s only redeeming quality. 

PHOTO: Handout, Wikimedia Commons/

HHAHAHAHA!! I laughed way too hard at this… And I did this way too many times. Sorry, cubemates. 😛


One man’s heaven is another horse-hating man’s hell! Horsies!!


A single bumper that represents the wide spectrum of philosophy: One side is about the Hokey Pokey, the other side quotes Mahatma Gahndi. Deep.


“Coexist.. except for you, Bush. Get out.” AHAHAHAAHAHAA!! Oh, humans. So complex. So hateful.


What’s the fugliest, ugliest or funniest bumper sticker you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Share with us in the Comments below, on our Facebook page or via Twitter!

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