Fugliest Bumper Stickers

At first we were going to title this entry “Ugliest Bumper Stickers,” but I find that all bumper stickers are ugly, so that was sort of superfluous. In the end, I decided to do “fugliest,” and in this context, “fugly” is a combination of “funny” and “ugly.” Hopefully our collection will help you crack a smile or let out a snort on this lovely Monday!

LOL. You're a nobody, you loser! Oh, wait. I get it. Plus you own a Porsche, ugh. I think it'd be awesome if someone took off the top half of the sticker. :)

PHOTO: Derek McNaughton/Handout, Postmedia News/bumperart.com

This one is for our managing editor who eats chocolate by the pound (or kilogram, since she's from Europe). And, sometimes, I agree with Mr. Bumper Sticker that this is our planet's only redeeming quality. 

PHOTO: Handout, Wikimedia Commons/bumperart.com

HHAHAHAHA!! I laughed way too hard at this... And I did this way too many times. Sorry, cubemates. :P

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/02/worst-bumper-stickers_n_1071929.html

One man's heaven is another horse-hating man's hell! Horsies!!

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/02/worst-bumper-stickers_n_1071929.html

A single bumper that represents the wide spectrum of philosophy: One side is about the Hokey Pokey, the other side quotes Mahatma Gahndi. Deep.

Source: http://www.bloggingwithclass.com/how-to-be-classy/bumper-stickers/

"Coexist.. except for you, Bush. Get out." AHAHAHAAHAHAA!! Oh, humans. So complex. So hateful.

Source: http://www.bloggingwithclass.com/how-to-be-classy/bumper-stickers/

What's the fugliest, ugliest or funniest bumper sticker you've ever laid your eyes on? Share with us in the Comments below, on our Facebook page or via Twitter!

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