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Ford Tests Self-Parking Cars

I think the heavens heard our prayers: Ford is testing cars that park themselves at the touch of a button… all without needing a driver in the seat! This automaker is also developing its “Obstacle Avoidance” technology that will automatically steer a vehicle to safety, should the driver fail to react.

But, back to the self-parking thing.

Having lived in big cities where you can’t park unless you know how to parallel park, I remember many evenings where sweat was actually flowing from my brow as I squeezed into near-impossible spaces. (I wish I had this feature back then!)

But, Ford’s new feature also provides a solution to another parking point: When you have to squeeze in and out of your car because the spot is so narrow that you are thisclose to occupied spots on either side of yours. You can get out before it starts to park and not worry about dinging another car or cursing yourself for eating too many donuts the night before.

Check out the video, as seen on fordofeurope’s YouTube Channel or an NY Daily News article:

Photo courtesy of Ford and from an NY Daily News article.

I believe I voice the people when I say: I CAN’T WAIT.

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