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Details About Florida No-Fault Insurance Laws

Florida’s No-Fault car insurance laws require that drivers carry personal injury protection and property damage insurance. The car insurance laws guarantee that every driver gets immediate medical attention, but there are no requirements that motorists have car insurance covering any other individuals involved in a traffic accident.

The car insurance laws require an individual’s insurance provider to cover the individual’s damage regardless of fault. Other drivers are covered by their own car insurance provider.

Individuals looking to go above the car insurance minimum requirements may want to consider personal injury protection without a deductible. Florida car insurance laws do not allow deductibles on personal injury protection to be claimed as damage and covered by the motorist who caused the accident. This means individuals with a PIP deductible will be out that money, even if the accident was someone else’s fault.

The money you save on your car insurance by having a deductible can be more than negated by injuries from just one accident.

PIP normally covers 80 percent of all reasonable medical expenses and 60 percent of lost earnings due to an accident.

No state’s car insurance laws are completely no fault, with individuals completely covered by their own car insurance policy. Florida’s system, as established by the car insurance laws, requires covering damages you cause as a motorist and still allows lawsuits in some types of personal injury cases.

While the car insurance laws have made immediate medical attention a requirement, out-of-pocket expenses can exist, even with no-deductible policies. Car insurance can also be set up to cover medical payment coverage of at least $2,000. This addition to your car insurance will cover the 20 percent of medical bills not picked up through PIP coverage.

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Even though car insurance is required, there is always the risk of being hit by a driver without insurance. We can provide you with protection in the event that you are struck by someone without insurance.

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