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Fines and Penalties Associated with Lack of Car Insurance

Car insurance rates can appear to be expensive if your budget is tight. The monthly insurance bill may seem optional. On the surface it seems as though there are not any true consequences to stopping your insurance coverage. However, getting caught without insurance will cause both financial and immediate problems with the authorities in your local area. Here are a few ways to understand how penalties associated with a lack of car insurance can affect you.

When you are pulled over by the local police in your area for a routine traffic stop or traffic violation, you are usually asked one question. You are asked to present your license, registration, and car insurance. The officer is trying to identify if you are legally allowed to drive, have the proper vehicle registration, and valid insurance coverage.

Speeding a few miles over the limit, or failing to signal are valid violations. However, the officer may let you off with a warning if all of your documents appear to be in order. Not having insurance is a major red flag. Officers will usually ask you to stay in your vehicle while they run a report. Having a valid license number will allow the police to look for any outstanding tickets or warrants.

Depending on what the officer finds, you may quickly be informed that you have a warrant, and have to go to jail. Think for a moment about how you would explain that to your boss or family members. Your car would be impounded if you were driving alone.

Not having insurance also subjects you to receiving a ticket for not having insurance. Most states will require you to see a judge or court official at a later date to confirm that you have purchased insurance and have valid insurance documents. This may involve missed time off work and explaining your situation to your boss, spouse, or other family members. Court times are usually during business hours and not sensitive to the fact that you may have other obligations.

Not having auto insurance is a red flag for police. One run in with an officer can cause you to lose money and time. It will be mandatory to bring your insurance up to date, and possibly have to pay to have access to your vehicle. Avoid time spent in local court trying to clear up tickets and fines by making the smart decision to invest in car insurance.

Working with your insurance company to possibly receive lower car insurance rates is time well spent. Keep in mind that car insurance boasts different coverage types. Switching to a different type of policy may allow you to cut costs in order to create an affordable monthly payment.

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