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Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance Quote Possible

Besides being convenient, finding the cheapest car insurance quotes online can save money. Afford yourself the opportunity of receiving the break that you deserve when it comes to cutting costs in this economy.

Take Your Time

The most important tools for finding the cheapest car insurance quote are time and patience. A few weeks before your policy renewal date, get as many quotes as you can. Websites like will search through hundreds of insurance companies and policies to recommend those that best suit you.

Create a spreadsheet to record all the information. After you’ve gathered all the quotes, sort them by amount. Be sure to get quotes for the same coverage so the comparisons will make sense.

If the car insurance site asks for your telephone number, you can leave that blank and avoid sales calls. Your e-mail is enough contact information.

Search for Discounts

Companies vary in the discounts they offer, and those details will make all the difference in finding the cheapest car insurance quotes. Ask each company that gives you a quote about available discounts. You may qualify for several of these:

•Safety features, such as anti-theft devices, airbags, alarms and automatic seat belts. •Antilock brakes. •A VIN# window etching. •A car with a 5-star crash rating from the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). •Keeping your car in a locked garage. •Living close to your job. Ask for the break-offs and double-check your mileage to see if it fits a lower category. •A clean credit history. Do a credit check on yourself to see if there are any errors. •Safe driving history (usually three years with no points). •Military connections. •Teachers and people over 50. •Multiple car discount. (If you plan to sell a second car, keep only liability coverage on it to get the multiple car discount.) •Get only comprehensive coverage if your car will be stored for several weeks or more. •Group discounts. Membership in a credit union, alumni association, or other organizations can provide a discount. Ask the insurer for a list of organization affiliations. •Lower your coverage. Start with comprehensive and collision and raise the deductibles, especially on an older car. Lower your liability and medical payments only if your situation is desperate. Auto repairs and medical bills are expensive. •Delete coverage you don’t absolutely need, such as rental, towing, glass breakage, etc. •Owning a home. •Combined auto and homeowner or renter’s policies with the same company. •Driver’s education course. •Opt for a yearly policy instead of six-month policy. This will get a lower quote, and your rates can’t be raised for at least a year. •Pay by electronic funds transfer and save the fee sometimes charges for mailed payments.

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