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Finding Low Car Insurance Quotes After an Accident

A car accident is one of the fastest ways to inflate a driver’s car insurance rate. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and whether they are major or minor, they can quickly result in major premium increases. For the insurance companies, this makes perfect sense. Drivers that have been in one accident are statistically more likely to get into another accident. However, policy holders certainly do not see it that way, and it’s hard to escape the high car insurance quotes for new coverage. However, it is still possible to get a great rate, even if it is a bit more difficult.

The logical first step to take is to take advantage of some of the common discounts that many car insurance companies offer. For example, driving courses are often available for drivers who’ve been involved in an incident, whether it’s a car accident or a traffic citation. These courses teach defensive driving skills and cost next to nothing. For many insurers, completion of the course will result in a sizable discount. While you may still see a car insurance quote that’s higher than it might have been before the accident, the extra relief can be extremely helpful. Some insurers also offer other discounts that may be unrelated to your accident. For instance, combining your car insurance coverage with other insurance coverage that you’re paying for, such as home insurance or health insurance, can result in discounts. This is especially true of insurance companies that offer different coverage types since they will want to get as much business from you as possible.

It is very important to get as many quotes as you can and engage in active negotiation. These days, it’s simple to get quotes from several companies at once. Use auto insurance comparison websites, which take a small amount of information about your driving record, age, etc. and generate quotes from major and minor insurance companies. If you find several low rates, you can use them as bargaining chips when talking to insurance agents. Take a hard line stance, and while you shouldn’t hide your accident from them (they’ll find out about it regardless), your focus should be on the quotes that you’ve researched.

When you have found a quote that you like, read over the policy carefully. There is no use in buying coverage at a great rate if it does not provide the protection that you need. Once you have inspected it fully, negotiate as much as you can before buying. An accident is never a good thing, but it should not stop you from finding fair rates.

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