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Finding Out Whether Your Car Insurance Coverage Includes Damage From Natural Disasters

Finding out whether or not your car insurance coverage includes damages from natural disasters is very important, especially since the threat of natural disasters is on the rise. However, how many people truly take the time to understand what their policy covers? Not many at all, if any. Everyone knows that there are many levels to car insurance policies, but do we know what exactly is covered under each one? Also, do you know if the car insurance policy you have covers damage from flooding, earthquakes, lightning, hurricanes, or any other type of natural calamities? Most people do not, and so it is suggested they educate themselves regarding these things.

Let's take a look at the types of car insurance available for drivers. First, there is third party insurance, which is the minimum level of coverage, also called liability. This will cover damages to other vehicles and not just your own vehicle. Next, there is third party insurance, which includes fire and theft. This is essentially the same as the previously mentioned level of coverage. However, this type also covers damages if your car is stolen or set on fire. Lastly, and perhaps most expensively, is a fully comprehensive car insurance. A fully comprehensive car insurance policy covers pretty much everything that could possibly happen to your car. Even if the accident you are involved in is your own fault. Your car insurance company would most likely pay for the cost of repairs, excluding any excess fees you already owe.

Finding car insurance quotes for these types of coverage all depends on the particulars you want within the car insurance policy. The particulars, when it comes to natural disasters, could vary greatly depending on where you live. In some areas, you may not want the car insurance policy to include coverage for damages to your vehicle due to earthquakes, hurricanes, or ice storms. Most people, however, do not like to pay for something that they deem unnecessary to place in their car insurance policy. However, if you are the cautious or the extremely cautious type, you may want to invest in a policiy that covers damages for any possible natural disaster.

In conclusion, without reading the fine print in your car insurance policy, you will not know whether or not your car is covered for damage from natural disasters, such as hurricanes or earthquakes. Be sure to read over your policy carefully. You may never know when you might need your car insurance policy to cover damage from natural disasters. If you are not sure, just ask you car insurance agent, and they can tell you whether or not you are covered for natural disasters.

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