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Fake Car Insurance Injuries Increasing

An unfortunate by-product of living in a capitalist society is the fact that people will always try to get something for nothing. This is because many people lack the skills or drive to make something of themselves and, therefore, these people will take the easy way out and try to scam the system. One way that this occurs is with car insurance, as people will fake an injury in order to receive money from the insurance company.

The reason that this is possible is that car insurance premiums now include comprehensive coverage that will cover the people who are involved in an automobile accident. Therefore, if someone is in an accident and is able to fake an injury that person can then sue the other driver and the insurance company will have to pay whatever the injured person is awarded. Many people see this as a victimless crime, since a corporation has to pay the money, but this is not the case as it has an affect on car insurance rates in the future.

Your car insurance premium is based on how much the car insurance company had to pay out the previous year. If the insurance company was forced to pay for multiple fake injuries over the course of the year, then car insurance rates will increase for everyone as a result. Therefore, every person who goes through that car insurance company will end up paying higher premiums because of this insurance fraud. When one car insurance company increases its rates, the others will follow suit, so everyone ends up paying for this fraud in the end.

People see faking an injury as a way to get out of work, while still collecting a pay check. Faking an injury allows the person to take what is essentially a paid vacation, which the majority of people would love to have. For that reason, the number of people who fake injuries following a car accident increases every year, as more and more people are looking for an easy way to make some money.

Luckily, doctors are starting to take a more active role in this process because they, just like everyone else, do not want to see an increase in their car insurance rates. It is not fair that everyone should have to pay higher car insurance premiums just because a few people have decided to take the lazy way out, so insurance companies are now taking all of the steps necessary to deter this action. The problem is that when someone is legitimately hurt in an accident, he or she is immediately questioned about the injury, which is also not fair. It is, however, necessary in order to keep everyone’s car insurance premiums at reasonable levels.

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