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How Environmental Risks In Your Area Can Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes

Often, where your car is located is as important as who is driving it. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see if where you live will affect your auto insurance rates.

Auto insurance companies operate on the premise that greater risk equals a greater premium. Clients with poor driving records that drive ill-maintained or older vehicles, or who have a history of past claims are considered by insurance companies to be at greater risk for an accident, and therefore at greater risk to have the insurance company pay out. Car insurance quotes for people with any of the above-mentioned issues will always be higher than the average, since no insurance company wants to lose money when insuring a vehicle. One factor that often goes overlooked in a car insurance purchase is the location in which the customer lives. The greater the number of risk factors in the environment, the higher the monthly premiums will be.

The easiest example of this is a neighborhood with a high crime rate. This can include things like car theft, vandalism, and general disorder. Most insurance companies will have access to city and neighborhood data, especially if an auto insurance quote is generated online. In that case, the insurance company will likely ask for a zip code, which will allow them to tailor a quote to the prospective client’s area. Any area with a high crime rate will naturally result in a higher insurance premium, as there is a greater chance of the insured vehicle being damaged or stolen, and the insurance company having to pay out.

Other environmental factors can simply be the location of the car’s storage, most likely at a home or in a garage. If the car is stored in the middle of the countryside at a farmhouse, for example, several factors come into play. First, the fact that the home lies outside of the city and away from the bulk of accidents which occur on city streets, will result in a lower net risk for the car, making premiums less expensive. Second, if the car is rarely driven, the lower mileage placed on the car will also mean less possibility of wear or damage, and should also bring down the overall cost. In a similar manner to a home, however, if a car is stored in an area known for severe weather or other damaging environmental effects, the price of insurance will rise accordingly.

While online auto insurance quotes make take into account some environmental factors, it is always worth calling the insurance provider to determine what, if any, discounts may be offered based on where the car is parked and how it is driven. Although some environmental issues can drive the price of insurance up, some will assist in keeping it at a reasonable level. Speaking with the insurance company will yield the best and most specific answers about any environmental concerns.

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