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Easy Steps to Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

In the past, filing an auto insurance claim was a long, tedious process filled with mountains of paperwork and grilling interviews with auto insurance agents. Today, thanks to the advent of online auto insurance and other technology, filing an auto insurance claim is an easy, hassle-free process. If you are ever need to file an auto insurance claim, here are the quick and easy steps:

Cost Comparison: Before filing an auto insurance claim, determine if it is cost-effective to do so. If the size of your deductible is more than the actual repairs to the vehicle, then it makes no sense to file a claim, as you will not be recouping any of the costs. If the cost of repairs is slightly more than the deductible, do not file a claim, as it will simply be a blemish on your record and likely increase your premium. However, if the cost of damage is considerably more than your deductible, file an insurance claim as soon as possible.

Submit the Claim Immediately: After determining if it is cost-effective to file an insurance claim, call your auto insurance company or fill out the claim online. The online auto insurance company will begin the necessary proceedings right away. This will help protect you financially and legally, with the online auto insurance company working on your behalf. Filing a claim is easy, and depending on which online auto insurance company you use, the process will vary. However as we mentioned, many claims can now be done online or via a phone call. An agent will likely start investigating the claim within twenty-four hours, and may visit you in person to see the extent of the damages.

Guard Yourself: If the accident is with another party, be prepared for a visit or a call from the other person’s insurance company. They will want to get your version of events. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may want to consult an attorney before speaking with the other insurance company. When you do speak with them, give just the facts and do not divulge any unnecessary information. Also, keep a record of exactly what you tell them, or record the call.

Repairing the Vehicle: Once your claim is approved, an insurance adjuster may visit you to see the extent of the damages, if they have not already done so. They may also want to see bids from repair shops. Some companies have pre-approved service centers that must perform the work, but many companies allow you to get the repairs done at the mechanic of your choice. Again, this depends on which online auto insurance company you are using.

When looking for online car insurance, you may want to inquire about the claims process with the company. Also research their customer service records and see how past consumers feel about their claims process. This will give you a good sense of the company, its credibility, and its willingness to assist its customers. You can find many reputable, nationwide online auto insurance companies at

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