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Oh, Hampton

What is “Hampton,” you ask? And why am I lamenting it? Well, I’m not talking about The Hamptons, the swanky place on Long Island. And I’m not talking about the cute little piggy from Tiny Toons. I’m talking about the teensy weensy city in Florida that just might become obsolete.

Photo courtesy of Edward Linsmier for the New York Times

Long story short, the city with a population of less than 500, is no more than a speed trap and embezzlement scheme. Law enforcement there has been raising revenue with a radar gun, explains a New York Times article on the matter. Let’s just say that between 2011 and 2012, the little city issued almost 13,000 speeding tickets. (OH EM GEE.)

Not only is it sad that the main source of income for Hampton was through speeding fines, but it is suspected that the “people in charge” were using funds for their own personal gains (the bookkeeping has been sketchy at best).

Alas, poor Hampton!

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