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Why Drivers Should Continually Maintain Liability Insurance

Regardless of where you live, you need to maintain your car’s liability insurance coverage. Car insurance quotes are easy to find online, so there’s no reason to let your policy lapse. If you make that mistake, you’ll be in for some very big surprises.

To begin with, every state requires its drivers to carry liability insurance for the privilege of operating a motor vehicle in their state. Most require proof of insurance before you can get your car registered or before you can get a driver’s license. If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, you’ll be asked to provide proof of liability insurance. If you don’t have proof, you will be ticketed and fined.

States require liability insurance to protect the citizens from those who would drive without buying protection. An accident with an uninsured motorist can decimate a family, leaving it bankrupt and without recourse. Now the only people without liability insurance are outlaws, because it is against the law to let your coverage lapse, or expire.

If your policy lapses, you will be reported to your state’s Motor Vehicle Department by your insurance company. If you simply forgot or couldn’t afford to pay, a few days grace period is usually permitted. However, if you let your liability insurance lapse for more than ten days, your state’s Motor Vehicle Department will be in touch quickly.

Depending on the state, the penalties can be very harsh. First, most states will remind and fine you. You’ll also be required to prove that you renewed or replaced your liability insurance. If you refuse to pay the fine, your operator’s license may be revoked. Your vehicle’s registration may also be suspended, meaning you are suddenly driving with no insurance, no valid registration, and on a suspended license. If you manage to drive without insurance and remain undetected, you won’t be able to register your car or sell it without proof of insurance.

Reinstatement fees, court costs, and traffic fines are the sure result of a lapse in liability coverage. The odds are against a driver who chooses to drive without insurance. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a collision while uninsured, you may spend years repaying the debt or you might be driven into bankruptcy. Plus, insurance companies take a dim view of drivers who allow their coverage to lapse. Such neglect will earn you a high risk driver rating and all the extra expense that assures. Don’t make a mistake that can ripple long into the future. Keep your liability insurance current and your car insurance quotes will remain low.

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