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What New Drivers Need To Know About Car Insurance :: Blog

Whether a new driver enters the roadway as a teenager or as an adult, it is undeniable that new drivers have a lot on their plate. Not only are they learning for the first time how to manage the power and freedom of having a vehicle at their disposal, and all the opportunities and challenges that come with it, but they are also taxed with the task of selecting the appropriate car insurance coverage that is right for their needs and their wallets. Selecting an insurance provider can be enough to quell even the most courageous new drivers, but these simple tips will help pave the way to selecting the insurance provider that is right for a new driver’s needs.

When collecting car insurance quotes, it is important to know what level of coverage is necessary so as not to purchase less or more than what is practical and required. First, check with the driver’s home state to determine minimum coverage levels required. From there, make a car insurance quote list that includes information about the type of vehicle to be insured, the number of drivers, annual income of the insured, and what the car will be used for. This list will become a car insurance coverage worksheet to be referenced when meeting with an insurance provider to select the right policy for the new driver’s needs.

Next, it is time to gather car insurance quotes. Much of the preliminary work can now be done online through a simple internet search for websites that offer one or multiple insurance quotes after the visitor inputs some basic information. Use the coverage worksheet to input this basic information, adding to the worksheet as needed when new information is requested. Recognize that these generic internet quotes may not accurately reflect a new driver’s actual needs and follow up to locate an insurance agent that represents the insurance provider that is of primary interest. When meeting with the agent, be sure to disclose additional information that could lower coverage premiums, such as vehicle safety features, purchase of a low-risk vehicle, license restrictions, and a clean driving record. A new driver may be able to generate an even lower car insurance quote by choosing to pay the premium annually rather than in monthly installments, selecting a higher deductible, and purchasing a stand-alone insurance plan rather than being added to an existing parental plan.

While it can feel daunting to select the car insurance quote that is right for a new driver, careful research and preparation now can pay off later with a quality, affordable policy that provides safety and peace of mind for both the driver and their family.

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