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Differences In Online Car Insurance Quotes And What Agents May Say

Car insurance quotes can be tricky business as much of what you get in the quote is what you put in to the system in reference to the coverage options you request. Much of what is put in to the system is dependent on who is inputting the information and what their intent happens to be at the time. When it comes to your quotes your insurance agent information could make a big difference in what the quotes are that you receive. There are a few differences in online car insurance quotes and what agents might say that you need.

First, you have to remember that car insurance agents are paid based on commission which has to do with the amount of insurance that you buy and for how long. This is important because when your agent is putting in the information you need in to your car insurance quotes they are doing the quotes for what they think you need. Yes, it is true that they have more experience in insurance and with its terms, but they don't know you as well as you do and this could make a difference in what you may think you need.

Next, it is important to remember that just the mere fact that there is an insurance agent involved will likely make your car insurance quotes larger than what you would get online. Because of what was mentioned before, that agents are paid on commission, the insurance quote will likely be higher so they can be compensated and the insurance company can make money. Buying car insurance online has become very cheap because there is no middle man to pay, no commissions to make to insurance agents. You can look at the difference in price as a fee for their expertise if you decide to use a car insurance agent anyways.

Finally, there is some truth to the fact that some agents may be able to get you car insurance quotes for less than you can find online. Even with their commissions involved some agents may know certain ways to save money in different states due to obscure coverage laws. For instance, in some states you do not need to carry uninsured motorist coverage for each separate vehicle you own as having it on one policy will cover you on all.

Insurance agent information on car insurance quotes can help or hurt you depending on how well you know the agent that you are speaking to. Some agents are purely looking to make a buck while others are looking to save you money so that they can keep you coming back for more.

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