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Desperate Car Owners Resorting to Fraud

When people buy car insurance, it’s usually because they hope never to use it. In fact, walking out of your home or office to find an empty space where your car once stood is a nightmare shared by many vehicle owners. Most of us try to keep our vehicles safe by parking them in well-lighted areas and locking them, using car insurance only as a backup.

But as the economy has continued to exacerbate, some people are using their car insurance policies as paychecks. Car insurance fraud occurs when people claim their vehicles have been stolen in order to collect the money from their car insurance policies. According to law enforcement officials, it is not uncommon to see cars set on fire, pushed off cliffs, sunk in bodies of water, and even buried in the ground.

Law enforcement officials have reported more and more incidents of car insurance fraud as the economy plunges. Desperate, those who commit car insurance fraud often feel like they have no other way out of pressing financial obligations.

If you’re hurting for cash, you might be tempted to commit car insurance fraud. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures. But there are a few reasons why car insurance fraud ends up being a losing game–for all involved. First, car insurance fraud is a crime, and, if convicted, you may be sentenced to a term in jail, as well as a fine. Second, car insurance fraud results in higher car insurance premiums for other car insurance customers. So, if you’ve noticed car insurance quotes rising, you might have car insurance fraud to thank. While these reasons for refraining from committing car insurance fraud are certainly legitimate, it’s also important to think about the cars that end up being destroyed as a result of these schemes. These are cars that people could be driving, and by committing car insurance fraud, individuals increase the number of cars that have to be manufactured.

But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for being broke! One option always available to you is changing car insurance companies, and with many web sites offering car insurance quotes, switching companies is now easier than ever. In fact, can provide you with comparative, free quotes with just an easy click. You may find that you will save enough money by switching car insurance companies to pay your bills more comfortably. You can also try to deal with your car loan company, asking them to give you a lower rate or help you make your payments more manageable. Regardless, there are many ways out of debt, but car insurance fraud is a way in–a way into more trouble.

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