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How Defensive Driving Courses Can Lower Your Car Insurance Quotes

When faced with high insurance rates, a common response can be despair. But defensive driving courses not only teach important driving skills but can reduce insurance rates by reducing individual risk in the eyes of the insurance company.

When faced with a high car insurance quote and no readily apparent method to decrease the rates, you may simply accept the seeming misfortune without much hesitation and pay the amount. It sometimes seems that there are no solutions to this problem, but there are several unorthodox ways to reduce your rates that pay for themselves in a matter of years or even months, and teach you useful skills in the process.

One of the best ways to quickly reduce car insurance quotes is by taking a defensive driving course at a DMV-approved location. Defensive driving courses are designed to teach drivers of all skill levels a number of important techniques and methods for avoiding accidents and driving in a safe manner in all weather conditions. These classes teach a mindset of moderation, helping drivers learn to analyze dangerous situations and to avoid the biggest driving pitfalls that often result in accidents. In these fun and educational courses, students learn to handle their vehicle with confidence. Often, students who face sudden threats, like an accident ahead on the highway, react out of instinct rather than conscious thought, having trained their body in the proper reaction to a threat. Ultimately, these classes teach students to react to bad situations almost automatically, preventing the driver from freezing under pressure.

But why would these classes lower your car insurance rates? Insurance companies, like all companies, face the pressures of the market, and the best way for them to make money is by giving you a service that you prefer over the competitors promises. One method insurance companies use to retain customers is by promising rate decreases for positive actions drivers can take to reduce their risk on the road. The statistics show that an individual who has taken these defensive driving courses will cost the insurance company less money than the average driver. This is because he or she is far less likely to be involved in an accident, and even in an accident, such drivers often suffer less damage to their vehicles because they know how to maneuver away from danger. Insurance companies are able to reduce their rates because they can make money while giving their customers a competitive rate that will keep their business.

These classes are good for both the driver and the insurance company: their benefits far outweigh the cost in time and fees. Insurance companies are happy to reduce their rates when drivers demonstrate the ability to drive responsibly and safely. By taking a defensive driving course, you show your insurance company that you are a driver they can count on, and your car insurance quote will be reduced in turn.

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