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Decreasing The Costs Of Car Insurance Policies With Multiple Drivers

Adding multiple drivers is one of the easiest methods for decreasing car insurance costs if you have more than one driver in your household. Decreasing car insurance costs by 10% to 25% is fast and easy by adding multiple drivers to one auto insurance policy. Whether you're adding a spouse to your car insurance policy or a teen driver, insuring multiple drivers together is a great way to save money and ensure your entire family is always covered.

To add multiple drivers to one auto insurance policy, insurance companies require applicants to designate a primary and secondary driver based on actual driving time or mileage. Age, driving record, and other factors can affect insurance rates on car insurance policies for multiple drivers. However, premiums are weighted toward the primary driver. Adding teens as secondary drivers is a great way to reduce auto insurance costs and satisfy coverage requirements. Providing false information about primary and secondary operators to avoid higher premiums is considered insurance fraud. Naming your child as a secondary driver and allowing them to operate the car daily is illegal and could result in a damage claim being denied. If an insurance company believes you have violated the terms of primary and secondary coverage, they may deny your claim, drop your policy and penalize both the primary and secondary driver for fraud.

Car insurance policies designed for multiple drivers and multiple vehicles are great for two and three-car families, as well as those insuring a spouse or teen drivers. In most cases, insurers offer consumer loyalty discounts for customers who insure multiple vehicles or drivers. Although insurance companies offer incentives, it pays to shop around and compare discounts for combined auto insurance policies. Purchasing multi-vehicle auto insurance is one of the easiest methods for reducing annual car insurance premiums compared to individual coverage policies.

If you are insuring multiple drivers on one auto insurance policy, you can save even more with special discounts that reward safe drivers and good students. Drivers who have completed a defensive driving program on a voluntary basis are entitled to discounts of 10% or more off standard rates. Annual premiums for drivers under 25 are pricey, but combining a driver's education or good student discount with a multiple-policy discount can result in tremendous savings.

Combining auto insurance policies is a sure-fire way to reduce your annual premium. With special plans for multiple drivers and discounts for good students, decreasing car insurance costs couldn't be easier. Purchasing coverage for multiple drivers from one insurance company is a great way to reduce expenses, simplify the bills, and ensure everyone is your family is getting the best auto insurance coverage at the best price.

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