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How to deck your car this holiday season

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Are you filled with so much holiday spirit that it can’t help but spill over to your car? Must you announce your love for this season to every person who lays eyes upon your vehicle? If that’s the case then you’re in luck, because there are more ways to spread some vehicular cheer than you might think. 

Don a reindeer ‘car-stume’

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Stand out from the rest of the cars in your town by turning yours into the most famous reindeer of all from Mystic Industries. Add antlers and a red nose with optional lights and jingle bells. Sure, all of the other reindeer may laugh and call you names, but you know you’ll be the first Santa will call should the North Pole be sacked with fog on Christmas Eve. If you would prefer your car take the form of another Christmas character, you can choose to dress up your car as an elf or even mount Santa’s beard, mouth and two stockings to your car’s front fascia and windows. 

If you choose to dress up your car in a costume, remember these decorations are not rated for highway speeds, and make sure you’ve engaged the window lock, or you may go down in history for the wrong reasons. 

Stay classy

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Do you think Christmas trees look their best in classic decoration? Never fear, because there are options for you as well. Try adorning your car with a simple wreath or an elegant red bow on the front. This will tell your fellow commuters that you not only enjoy the holidays, but that you have a refined taste as well. Make sure your wreath or bow is well-secured, and not so big as to inhibit proper engine cooling. 

Light up your car

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For those who really want to make a statement and enjoy spending time decorating for the holidays, consider wrapping your car with lights. The easiest option is to buy battery-powered lights and drape your cars with those. Unfortunately, these lights are pretty expensive per string, so if you want your car to be visible from space, you may end up spending a pretty penny. 

If you’re the kind of person who lives by the ethos “anything worth doing is worth doing right,” you might consider a 12-volt converter with at least 400 watts. With a 12-volt converter, you can use the same Christmas lights from your tree and maximize what you put on your car. 

That being said, it’s important to check your local ordinances regarding lights. Some localities ban lights because they can be distracting to other drivers, or they may be considered in violation of ordinances that restrict colored or blinking lights to emergency vehicles.

Drive like Santa’s watching

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The best way to spread Christmas cheer these holidays is not to decorate your car, but to be kind and courteous to your fellow drivers on the road. Oftentimes, people get so lost in the shuffle they forget the true meaning of the holidays. So while you rush from store to store and mall to mall, slow down and reflect on these holidays. Let people in, allow others to go before you, and practice the golden rule. Who knows, refraining from angrily blaring your horn may be the difference between a stocking full of coal and a stocking full of fun.

Photo credits: From top to bottom, North Charleston, Flickr; Mystic Industries, Amazon; Ian Lee, Flickr; North Charleston, Flickr; LadyDragonflyCC, Flickr.

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