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Should You Purchase Roadside Assistance Car Insurance Coverage?

In case of an emergency or minor breakdown, it is important to know that your car insurance policy includes roadside assistance coverage with a dedicated staff of customer service professionals, towing companies, and trained repair technicians on-call any time that you need assistance. Automotive breakdowns are inevitable. Whether it is a flat tire or a dead battery, most roadside assistance repairs can be completed on-site in a matter of minutes. If you commute to work alone or travel with a backseat full of kids, purchasing roadside assistance to supplement your car standard insurance policy can help you can avoid a sticky situation or costly towing bill.

Car insurance companies are hired to protect your car against accidental damage. If your vehicle is disabled on the side of a busy highway, you and your car are at a greater risk of being hit by a moving vehicle. To avoid costly damage claims, car insurance companies want your car removed from the highway as soon as possible. Offering affordable roadside assistance overage and emergency road service are two ways that insurance companies help to protect your car from damage. In many areas, abandoning your disabled vehicle on the side of a road can result in the car being towed and impounded. With roadside assistance, a tow truck and repair technician will be on-site in a matter of minutes to repair your vehicle.

For one dollar per month, you can purchase roadside assistance coverage that protects you from expensive bills or embarrassing situation like locking the keys in the car. Insurance companies specialize in offering affordable roadside assistance. When compared to emergency assistance rates from motor clubs and travel organizations, insurance companies offer the same services for a fraction of the price. Depending on the provider, roadside assistance coverage may cost $3 to $10 for a six-month period.

Purchase supplemental roadside assistance coverage for protection anywhere, anytime. Wherever your car breaks down, a local service is always on-call to handle your problem. Roadside assistance coverage is effective anywhere in the nation. If your car is disabled in your driveway, or if you run out of gas on the way to work, roadside assistance ensures your vehicle is up and running as soon as possible. Whether you are on vacation or traveling on business, roadside assistance coverage will pay for accommodations if you are stranded outside your home area.

With affordable coverage and all-inclusive benefits, roadside assistance will easily pay for itself in one use. In addition to great benefits, car insurance with supplemental roadside assistance coverage ensures you have peace of mind knowing a nationwide staff is always on-call to handle your emergency.

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