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Craziest Dash Cam Moments

More often than not the craziest dash cam moments are from Russia. Why is this? I have no idea, but the Internetz does not lie. Here is a collection of the some of most incredulous things to get caught on tape ever (and they all just so happen to have taken place in Russia): 

Meteor, Anyone?

Watch a meteor shoot across the Russian skyline! It’s gorgeous to look at, but it apparently injured over 100 people. 🙁

You Cut Me Off, I Smash You

A renegade bus driver gets revenge for all of us who have ever been cut off. What does he do to cars that cut him off? He crashes into them!! O_O

Get Off Yer Dang Phone

I always shake my head at people who are driving while on their cellphone. This guy takes the phone out of the guilty party’s hands and smashed it on the ground. Maybe this should be a new law.


A car spontaneously combusts while on the road!! It’s so nutty, you almost forget how terrifying it is.

Hope these videos entertained you on this Hump Day! Let us know what you thought in the Comments below, on Facebook or via Twitter! 🙂

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