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3 Costly Car Pranks

Oh, car pranks. Of all the hooligan shenanigans you can pull in your youth, car pranks are usually at the top of the list. Be it egging someone’s car or putting sugar in a gas tank, these silly pranks can actually cost car owners quite a lot. But, fear not, Those Who Own Cars, the comprehensive coverage on your auto policy should help cover any damage from our list.


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The prank: Egging someone’s car

The damage: The eggs can really mess up the car paint job.

The cost: It can cost up to $15,000 to repaint a car, about 5597 times the cost of a dozen eggs. Eek!


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The prank: Flipping Smart cars onto their side or flipping them upside down (aka “Smart Car Tipping”)

The damage: Lifting and dumping a 1,800 pound vehicle is not usually a delicate feat. The car exterior gets scratched, glass gets smashed and the objects inside the car can get damaged, too.

The cost: People have reported about $5,000 worth of damages, but it’s case by case. Also, if caught, prankers will get charged with felony vandalism. Tsk tsk!


The prank: Putting sugar in a gas tank. 

The damage: Y’all know the drill. A man cheated on his woman and she wants to get revenge by putting crud in his car’s gas tank. Putting foreign substances into a gas tank can definitely mess up the engine and/or the objects can block up filters and tubes. However, Myth Busters did a show on the sugar in the gas tank prank and proved it doesn’t work. (Sorry, angry vengeful ladies.) It may still work if you put in a big buttload of it. Other popular alternatives to sugar are sand and water.

The cost: It can cost around $700 to repair damages caused by water-tainted gasoline, so I’d hate to imagine what you could do to your car with full-on water-water and/or sugar and sand. Yikes. See what happened to someone who suffered from water-tainted gasoline:

So, next time you think about pulling a prank from this list, think twice about that poor person’s wallet. (Hopefully this doesn’t spur you on even more…)

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