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Correct Driving Posture

Hey! Did y’all know that May is National Correct Posture Month? (I bet you just sat up a little straighter, ha ha.)

In commemoration of this obscure month, we wanted to help you sit properly in your car while behind the wheel! So, go ahead– take our tips and adjust your seats.

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Seat Distance

Before we straighten out your caveman-like hunch, make sure your seat is in the right place. Like Goldilocks, you’re looking for a distance that’s not too close and not too far from the steering wheel. You want to be able to reach both pedals with ease but not be up all the way up against the steering wheel. If you extend your arms, your wrists should rest comfortably on the top of the wheel.

Seatback Up

Wanna sit back low in your chair so that your head barely shows as you holla at honeys? Too bad. Your seat back should be straight up and supporting your back fully. This is a safety precaution for accidents and will also ensure that the pedals and controls are within reach at any given time.

Steering Wheel

10 o’clock and 2’o clock hand positions on the wheel are soooo last decade. Now, the recommended places to grip the steering wheel are 9 o’clock and 3’o clock. Experts say the 9 and 3’o clock stance is safer for if/when your air bag deploys.

Head Rest

Your head rest should be behind your head. If you’re tall, raise it so that it is about the the top of your head. If you get rear-ended, you don’t want your neck to bend back over the head rest. (OUCH.) Also, some people remove the head rest from their seat… DON’T DO THIS. Keep your head rest in! It protects your neck and head in the event of getting rear-ended.

Proper Posture

You don’t have to sit like you have a stick up your butt, but it’s a good idea to sit up straight in your car seat. Relax your shoulders and your arms with your back straight. You should be able to comfortably lean your head back into the head rest. Think proper but comfortable (and relaxed).

Seat Belt

Well, it’s not realllyyyy related to posture, but you have to make sure to strap in your lovely new pose. Plus it’s a safety measure. Plus, just do it.

Let us know if you learned something new or if you end up changing your driving stance using our tips! We’d love to hear from you! Twitter, Facebook

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