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Common Questions Car Insurance Providers Will Ask On Applications

Everyone knows that before they can even think about purchasing a vehicle, they must also think about getting a car insurance policy. These two things go hand in hand, more so because every state in the country makes it a requirement. The downside to trying to obtain car insurance is the process of actually getting it. Many people do not really know what factors go into determining the overall costs of a policy; let alone what information might be asked of the applicant or what the provider will actually look at. Insurance applications can be tricky to maneuver, especially if you never had to deal with one before. Here are some common questions car insurance providers will ask on insurance applications.

Some of the basic information a provider will request has to do with your gender, age, number of years driving, and other basic stuff. These things may seem simple, but they say a lot about who you are - at least behind the wheel. For example, women usually pay less for car insurance because they are less of a risk, statistically. The same holds true for persons over the age of 25 and under the age of 65. This why the insurance providers ask such questions, even though they may seem to be unrelated to your ultimate premium.

But once you get past all of the basic information that is even asked online when searching quotes, the provider will get to more specific details of your driving history that will make more sense. One of the factors they ask you about is whether you have been in an accident in the last three to five years. They do not just want to know about accidents, however, they also want to know if you have had any moving violations at all. These can include running a red light, speeding, going straight on a left-only lain, etc. Since car insurance is based on risk (the risk of you making a claim and the insurance provider having to pay out on said claim), it stands to reason that they would want to know just how many violations you have had. Although you may be tempted to enter false information, a quick DMV inquiry by the provider can flesh out any false facts, which then reflect badly on you and may result in them declining to cover you.

Insurance providers may also ask about your credit history on insurance applications, to make sure that you are able to pay your premiums on a monthly basis. Of course, they'll also want to know who else will be operating the vehicle, and their ages as well. Know this before looking for providers.

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