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Common Factors That Influence Car Insurance Price

Your car insurance price will depend on several factors. Some of these factors you can control; some you cannot. A good way to figure out your rate if you are looking for car insurance or planning to alter some of the affecting factors, is to use a car insurance calculator.

A car insurance calculator is a form that you fill out online. After entering all the factors that can affect your insurance premium, the calculator will determine what your rate will be. Because car insurance calculators are what insurance agents use, you can get a very accurate estimate of your new cost.

The factors that will come into play include where you live, whether your keep your vehicle in a garage, and what type of vehicle you own. If you live in a safe neighborhood, your car insurance price will be lower. If you keep your car in a garage, away from vandals and hit and run drivers, your car insurance price will be lower. If you own an expensive, flashy sports car, your car insurance price will be higher. This is because it will cost more to repair your vehicle than it would cost your insurance company to repair a less-expensive model.

Other factors that influence your premium are your age, your gender, and how many drivers will be on your policy. If you are not in a high-risk age group (ages 16 to 25, for example), your rates will be lower. Women traditionally have a lower rate than men because they are less likely to drink and drive, break the law, or show off in their car. If you have several drivers on your policy, like a wife and a child, your car insurance price will be higher.

Your driving record and habits also affect your car insurance price. If your driving record is clean, your rates will be lower. If you have had three accidents or a driving while intoxicated arrest in the last six months, your rate will be higher. The more traffic violation points that you have on your record, the higher your car insurance price will be.

Even your driving patterns affect your rate. If you drive 30 minutes to work and back every day, you will pay more than someone who works from their home. If you use your vehicle to deliver merchandise or visit clients, your rate will be higher than someone who uses a company car for the same job.

If you are planning some changes, take your time and research your options. A car insurance calculator will give you a reasonably accurate estimate of how any alterations to your living situation or driving patterns could influence your car insurance price.

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