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Charity via Car Insurance

Corpus Christi is the setting for our heartwarming car insurance story! (Why, yes, I did use the words “heartwarming” and “car insurance” in the same sentence.)

Photo courtesy of Kiii-TV

Green-N-Go Cab holds an annual holiday giveaway where they provide a used car to someone in need- all you have to do is send in your personal story. The winner was a woman who recently moved to the area, went from sleeping at homeless shelters with her infant son to getting herself through school. (Kudos to her, by the way!) But it doesn’t end there!

A local couple, Alberto and Stephanie Rivera, who own a State Farm office have provided the woman with 6 months of car insurance coverage to help her stay on track. I think it’s super thoughtful of them to give her help in such a practical way that also encourages this woman towards her goals.

Check out the news segment here: South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Acts of kindness FTW!

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