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#Carselfie safety tips

Oh, hoomanz. We come up with the funniest types of viral and popular media. And today’s featured phenomenon is the car selfie!! (#carselfie, mmkay?)

Let’s see, a quick search on Instagram shows a total of 194,083 posts for #carselfie (and counting…), 96,995 for #carselfies and 706 posts for #carselfiez. (I hope that last number doesn’t grow… come on, #spellcheck. Unless it was used tongue in cheek, then it’s kind of cute.)

CNN actually wrote a story about taking selfies while driving, but they took the serious approach and wrote about the dangers that come with. In light of April being Distracted Driver Awareness Month, I have to agree (safety first, peeps!).

For the record, the staff is not impervious to this trend but we adhere to this list of car selfie safety tips:

1) If your vehicle is in motion, please refrain from endangering the lives of those around you for the sake of taking a cute pic of yourself. Actually, you shouldn’t even have your mobile out in the first place. Put that thing away!

This is Monica, CIQ’s linkbuilding & research aficionada.
Please notice that the background isn’t blurry because the vehicle is not moving.
Picture (and safety) perfect. And, ain’t she just the prettiest?!

2) Pop quiz! Between making the perfect duck or sparrow face and using your turn signal, which is more important? If you answered making the perfect animal face, I want to report you.

3) If you are a passenger taking selfies in the backseat or from shotgun, feel free to selfie away! As long as you don’t put your selfie-apparatus in front of the driver’s face to get the perfect shot. Be mindful, duh!

This is yours truly.
This was taken from the passenger seat, ergo, I was not driving!
P.S. Seatbelts are cool and enhance outfits.

Basically, don’t be a selfie-fool. Taking the perfect selfie is an art, but it’s not something as important as staying safe on the roads. How angry would you be if someone smacked into your car or hit a pedestrian because they were trying to take a picture of his/herself? (Just thinking about it makes me facepalm…)

Now, send us your favorite car selfies! We prefer to see cute ones, but even if they’re not cute, we’ll still enjoy laughing at them. 🙂 Email them to me at [email protected] (Re: carselfie) or go to our Facebook page and share them on our wall!

Here are some links & a live Twitter feed with #carselfie to show how viral this movement is: 

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