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Cars dramatically buried in snow

We at the blog live in sunny California so at this time of year, we feel pretty bad for everyone living in states prone to big ice and snow storms.  

And seeing these photos of cars totally buried in snow made us feel even more sympathetic – and yes, maybe a little smug too (sorry!)

We wish everyone a happy holiday season – and please stay safe on the roads this winter.

1. Buried car sales yard – or abstract art piece?

cars buried in snow

Photo via Photorator

2. Needle in a haystack

cars buried in snow

It’s either a car or a funny-looking mole hill.

3. Poor fuel economy

cars buried in snow

Photo via Central Maine

This chap may have escaped his snow prison but I’m betting he’s getting way fewer miles to the gallon.

4. Apocalyptic

cars buried in snow

Photo via The Dead Superheroes

Have you ever wondered what an ice storm apocalypse would look like? The huge Chicago snowstorm of 2011 made it pretty easy to imagine. 

5. “Sorry boss, I’m probably not making it to work this morning.”

cars buried in snow

Photo via The Buffalo News

Kudos to this industrious lady for even making it as far as the door. 

6. Meow-nificent

cars buried in snow

Image via The Pet Collective

Okay – you got me. This guy has four paws, not wheels. But it was impossible to resist including this cold-loving fuzzball. 

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